About Us

Mural is born out of a group of passionate people at Ting Internet wanting to celebrate the communities we operate through stories about the arts, thriving small businesses, and all the great things happening in our hometowns.

We strive to support local and commission content from a number of incredible artists and creatives. If you would like to pitch us an idea for content, tell us about an upcoming event, or find out more about Mural, we’d love to hear from you.


Mural. Founded in 2021


  • Dominic Scott  Executive Editor

  • Paul Stachniak  Managing Editor

  • Nicole Duguay  Copy Editor

  • Corey Misquita  Video Producer

  • Stav Halabe  Video Producer

  • Jessica Brown  Branding


  • Zuri Stanback  Marketing Director

  • Stephanie Forest  Creative Director

  • Jesse Simms  Marketing Communications Manager

  • Kyra Longford  Strategic Marketing & Innovation Director

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